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Terms and Conditions



All fees based on the choice of programmes will have to be made in full prior to receiving our services. Fees paid to Natural Instinct are non-refundable. A receipt will be sent via email upon confirmation of payment received. Where needed, you may also request for a quotation document before making payment.


There will be no refund if the programme is cancelled. However, you may choose to either reschedule the same programme to another date or use your credits and choose another programme of equal or greater value by topping up the difference. No refund will be given if you decide to select a programme of less value. Any unused credits will be forfeited after 90 days from the date of payment. Please note that no refund or rescheduling will be applicable if you decide not to participate in the programme if we are going ahead.


It is highly recommended for you to stick to the event date and time agreed upon, as other interested participants will not be able to join after a slot is reserved for you upon registration. Therefore, no cancellation is allowed after registration.


Natural Instinct provides basic insurance coverage, but we also encourage participants to purchase their own insurance before attending the programmes.


I, the Participant or Parent/Legal Guardian of the Participant, hereby acknowledge and declare that I am aware of the risks involved relating to the outdoor activities which I am about to engage or permit my child(ren) to participate. Such foreseeable risks may include:

1. Risk associated with "Act of Nature" such as fallen trees, broken branches, inclement weather, strong wind, varied temperature and other weather conditions;

2. Risk associated with "wildlife encounters" such as animals, reptiles and/or insects;

3. Potential allergies and/or rashes which might be triggered due to direct contact with camouflage cream, fauna and flora during the programme;

4. Heat or cold related illnesses such as (but not limited to) sunburn, heat rash, heat cramp, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, dehydration and hypothermia;

5. Potential injuries due to loss of balance on rainy weather, climbing, trekking up and down slopes, river crossing, stream exploration, slippery, muddy, rocky and uneven terrains;

6. Potential injuries due to psychological fear such as (but not limited to) fear of heights, fear of wildlife, obsessive compulsory disorder and selective auditory attention;

7. Potential injuries due to prolong physical exertion that induces fatigue which may cause a diminish of motor skills, reaction time and/or the ability to follow instructions; and

8. Potential injuries due to my own negligence and/or the negligence of others.


Notwithstanding that the company has purchased basic insurance coverage for all participants with the intention to give parents a peace of mind, knowing that their children are covered in the event of any unforeseeable accidents during the course of activities, we strongly encourage parents/guardian to also purchase additional insurance coverage for your children/ward for the activities.

Although we endeavor to use our best effort to provide the most innovative coaching methods and a safe environment taking into consideration the appropriate safety measures for the purpose of delivering the activities, we cannot promise or warrant that activity related accidents will not occur outside our reasonable foreseeability, control and anticipation.

You have read, understand and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Natural Instinct and its instructors, employees and volunteers against all claims, losses, damages, injury, costs or expenses, proceedings including legal fees that may occur resulting from no fault of the company.


Depending on the nature of your interaction with us, some examples of personal data which we may collect from you include your full name and identification information such as your NRIC number, contact information such as your address, email address, telephone number, nationality, gender, date of birth and marital status, for administrative purposes such as:

1. Performing obligations in connection with our provision of services;

2. Verifying your identity;

3. Responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests, applications, complaints, and feedback from you;

4. Processing payment or credit transactions;

5. Sending you marketing information about our services including notifying you of our marketing events, educational materials, other initiatives and promotions;

6. Any other incidental business purposes related to or in connection with the above.

The security of your information is our priority and we will safeguard your personal data at all times.




Photographs and/or videos may be taken during the programmes and I grant Natural Instinct the right to use them on publications, websites, promotional flyers, educational materials, various social media platforms or for any other similar purposes. You may inform us beforehand if you do not wish to be featured.


Our facilitators are fully vaccinated and will be required to undergo regular testing regime with an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) as part of our commitment in keeping our clients and community safe.

All facilitators and participants will be required to wear their masks at all times, except for scenarios allowed under the control order. Participants will be reminded to maintain safe distancing and minimize any physical interaction.


Hand hygiene will also be emphasized before and after each programme.

All equipment will be disinfected and sanitized thoroughly after each programme to prevent the spread of virus.


Our facilitator will conduct a visual health check and look out for visible symptoms such as (but not limited to):

- Runny Nose, Sneezing, Nasal Congestion

- Sore Throat, Cough, Dry Cough

- Tiredness, Prolong Period of Quietness, Uncoordinated Movement

Participants will need to inform us immediately if they are feeling unwell at any point of time with conditions such as (but not limited to):

- Fever

- Headache

- Loss of Taste or Smell

- Rash on Skin

- Chest Pain

- Aches and Pains



Please refrain from attending our programmes and seek medical treatment if you are feeling unwell or display symptoms such as flu, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, cough and fever.

Please also refrain from attending our programmes if you are tested positive for Covid with an Antigen Rapid Test (ART). You are advised to monitor your health over the next 72 hours and perform an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) again.

Individuals who have received a Health Risk Notice (HRN) should perform an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) and monitor their health. They will be required to perform an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) with a negative result before participating in our programmes.

Natural Instinct will identify and inform accordingly should there be a participant or facilitator from the group who is tested positive. Affected personnel are strongly encouraged to monitor their health and perform an Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for a peace of mind.


With reference to this website, articles, or any of our programmes or services, you implicitly signify your agreement to all parts of the disclaimer.

The information contained in our website, articles or any of our programmes or services are for educational and informational purposes only. We will not be held responsible in any way for the information that you obtained or interpreted through our website, articles or any of our programmes or services including, without limitation any lost profits, personal or business interruptions, personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information or any other loss even if we are expressly advised of the possibility of such damages or difficulties.


Appropriate first aid supplies and a certified first aider will be available at all times.

I agree that in the event of an emergency injury or illness, Natural Instinct may act on my behalf and at my expense in obtaining medical treatment for myself and/or my child.

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