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Our Team



Jonathan Chua


Jonathan is an aspiring educator with more than 10 years of experience in the educational sector, and the co-founder of Natural Instinct Outdoor Academy and Fit Instinct. His diversified qualifications includes a Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Science, Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science, Diploma in Counselling and a Professional Diploma in Community and Social Services respectively. He is currently pursuing a Master in Education. Jonathan’s expertise includes bridging the gap between children psychological and physiological progression and the development of their inquisitive minds through the wonders of nature. He is also passionate about grooming the next rising generation to be leaders with the courage to make decisions and discipline to carry them through.


Mickey Tan


Mickey started weight training at the age of 15 and participated in various competitions such as Manhunt (1994) and Mr Singapore (1995). Back then, it was not easy for him due to the lack of training information online and he could only learn through a limited selection of books. However, being young and eager to learn, he went to the extent of approaching bodybuilders in gyms for advice but was often brushed aside by them. Despite all the negativity, he continued his pursue in the art of bodybuilding and even built his own weightlifting equipment using just bricks and ropes. Throughout the journey, he sustained injuries while training and that inspired him to dive into the science of exercising and injury prevention. He went on to pursue a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science on top of his MSc, now he hopes to reach out and help anyone who thinks that his/her life is going downhill. Apart from having a little more than 30 years of weightlifting experience, and being a certified BCLS, CPR and AED instructor, Mickey holds a black belt in Karate and Tae Kwon Do. His areas of expertise include (but not limited to) strength and conditioning, pre- and post-natal training, polymetric training, muscular hypertrophy, fighter’s fitness, IPPT, and elderly functional exercise.

His training philosophy: "If I am a book, you are not getting a book with a nice cover and fanciful story. Instead, I am a thick old book with HARD cover filled with information and wide array of experiences."



Sim Yee


Sim Yee’s passion lies in the world of exploration. She finds delight in planning and executing programmes in the area of outdoor ventures and optimizing them to generate a child’s interest. Having work with children for seven years, Sim Yee is accredited with CANS, student and youth care as well as ACLP. She is also actively involved in conducting co-curricular activities on a national level to various primary and secondary schools across Singapore. Sim Yee’s skill sets will definitely play a vital role in Natural Instinct as she translate them into real life hands-on experiences to enrich your child’s holistic growth.


Justin Hon


Justin is one of our veteran trainers due to his accumulated wealth of practical experiences during his 6 years stint in the military. He served as a seasoned outfield specialist and held an honourable track record in serving as a section commander, platoon sergeant and subject matter expert. Besides being trained in jungle confidence course and military first aid, he was also nominated on a few occasions to be the conducting and safety officer in charge of several expeditions without any incident. Justin also led tours in Australia, Thailand, Brunei and Republic of China (Taiwan), bringing his soldiers through challenging terrains and accomplishing various missions. During his free time, he would spend it with his children, participate in fitness related activities and seek out new adventures. He hopes to inspire and forge the next generation to be more resilient and tough!

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Cheryl Tay


Cheryl is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore lesser-known places and hiking routes in Singapore since her schooling days in the polytechnic. She remains passionate and active in discovering the beauty of nature even as she continues on to adulthood till this very day. Although Covid has restricted her access to nature in other parts of the world, she stays optimistic and is set on rediscovering the beauty of Singapore. Cheryl specialises in the framework of safety management where she comes up with processes to prevent, reduce and minimise risk while basking in nature. Cheryl also loves to trek long distance trails through the forest and no uphill slope is too dauting for her.

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Maryln Tan


Maryln is meticulous and attentive to details, especially being a nemophilist who spends much of her time outdoors. Not only does she enjoys being in nature, she also hopes to influence others to appreciate and cultivate a love for nature. Maryln strongly believes that spreading awareness and education is the key to conserving our natural habitats and wildlife.



Don Azdean

Don is outgoing and friendly by nature, and he is especially enthusiastic when facilitating programmes in the great outdoors. Don has facilitated numerous outdoor expeditions ranging from children to adults where he acts as the platform to reconnect his participants back to nature through experiential sharing. Don believes that no one is perfect but everyone is different and beautiful in their own way which is why he will make it a point to ensure that your time spent with him during each programme will be special and memorable.

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