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Natural Instinct is taking learning to the next level by combining the phenomenon of nature,

wildlife education and historical discovery into our adventurous one-day cycling programme entitled

Exploring Nature On Wheels (Explore N.O.W.).


So, instead of walking as a group in a guided tour, you will be cycling together with your guide!

We will be able to cover quite a fair bit of distance within a comfortable timeline and

discover the hidden gems within our little red dot!


What's more?

Cycling is also a good form of exercise to help you get fit and healthy!

Plus it does not cause any polluting emissions!


Discover Singapore with our 4 wonderful and carefully curated routes!

We are also able to customize the routes according to the needs of our participants!



Punggol was one of Singapore's oldest settlements with its original settlers mainly Malay fishermen. however overtime it has been transformed into a waterfront paradise! Even so, we have carefully curated this route where we will bring you to various places such as Coney island, Lorong Halus Wetland, the last fishing village of Singapore, Singapore's last surviving kampong and many more! We may also have lunch at the famous Jalan Kayu prata restaurant!

Distance: 30km

Duration: 5-6 Hours



Exploring our city in nature!

We have included quite a few iconic places along the route such as our former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station,

Marina East Breakwater, Benjamin Sheares Bridge,

Merlion Park, Floating Platform, F1 Pit, Singapore Flyer, Golden Mile Complex and so on! We may also have lunch at Lau Pa Sat (Singapore's first wet market)!

Distance: 25-35km

Duration: 5-7 Hours

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-23 at 16.12_edited.jpg


This route will take adventurous individuals from the far west to the far east of Singapore! We will begin our journey at

Jurong Lake Garden and end at Changi Village!

Distance: 50km

Duration: 8-9 Hours

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-23 at 16.12_edited.jpg


This route is not for the faint hearted. Our journey will start

and end in East Coast Park. Route information is irrelevant at this point because we are going for the distance and you will need determination and endurance.

Distance: 90km (overnight cycling)

Duration: 12 Hours

Why go with us?

Not only are we professional in what we do, we are the experts in this field being fully equipped and prepared for all possible contingency. Certified first aider, mechanic and recovery vehicle on stand by and so on!

Light Yellow and Brown Creative Rent a Bicycle Discount Instagram Story (45 × 50.799 cm) (


1. Participants joining us should be able to cycle on a 2-wheeler for at least 5-10km comfortably.

2. Our routes are suitable for children aged 7 years old and above.

Participants joining expeditions above 50km should be 9 years old and above

3. Meals, snacks and energy supplements will be provided.


Our programme is a rain-or-shine event hence we will be going ahead under light – moderate rain condition, participants will put on their raincoat/poncho and we will continue with our adventure!


In the event of adverse condition, we will discuss with you should
there be any delay to the start time or if 
we need to reschedule
the programme at no additional cost.

Please note that fees are non-refundable.


1 : 5

1 Outdoor Specialist to 5 Participants

Safety is of paramount importance to us! The younger the participants, the smaller the ratio.

Minimum 5 Participants to Commence with the Programme

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