This is our kind of fun at night!


night detectives

Check out the featured video below and
catch a glimpse of our Night Detectives in action!

Join us after sundown as we head into the wild side of Singapore to
discover the amazing nocturnal creatures that thrives at night.

Participants can look forward to a multi-sensory experience as we walk through the dark and hone your observational skills to spot as many wildlife as possible. You will also learn about the behaviour of
different creatures and the environment in which they live in.

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Approximately 2 Hours


1. Long-sleeved T-shirt
Preferred as it offers another layer of protection against possible insect bites etc.

2. Full-length Track Pants
Compression tights are not recommended as some mosquitoes are "commando trained"
and can still sting through

3. Covered Shoes & Socks


1. Water Bottle
Preferably 500ml and above

2. Raincoat/Poncho

3. Personal Medication

If applicable

4. Torchlight


Our programme is a rain-or-shine event hence we will be going ahead under light – moderate rain condition. Participants will put on their raincoat/poncho and we will continue with our adventure!


In the event of adverse condition, we will discuss with you should there be any delay to the start time or if we need to reschedule the programme at no additional cost.

Please note that fees are non-refundable.


2 : 8

2 Outdoor Specialists to 8 Participants

Capped at maximum 10 people per group

Minimum 5 Participants to
Commence with the Programme