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Being the fattest kid in the community was never easy, and it wasn’t long before I realised the fact that I might not make it to adulthood with such a body, and this revelation came after the passing of my dad due to heart disease. I knew I had to make the change and I’m glad I did it! If you are struggling with your weight and do not know where to start, I encourage you to connect with us.


With more than a decade of experience working with children, there is an earnest desire within me to create a stimulating yet colourful learning experience for our younger generations which has led to the creation of Natural Instinct Outdoor Academy.


I believe that every teaching moment should be meaningful, and every interaction with nature should be engaging. It is important for children to develop a positive connection with nature as well as enhancing their physical abilities through the holistic and fitness approach of Natural Instinct.

Our age-appropriate programmes are specifically designed to instil in them a broad array of skills that will improve their development and love for nature. Studies have shown that active children have been associated with higher scores in their exams due to improved behaviour and better focus in the classroom and beyond.


Natural Instinct comprises of a team of dedicated professionals devoted and committed to the development of your health and fitness, as well as realising the fullest potential of your child(ren). I encourage you to explore our website and connect with us. Let us bring you on a fulfilling journey and be rewarded with endless possibilities when you prioritise your health through fitness.


My ending statement: Procrastinate no further, the time to start is now. Taking the first step out of your comfort zone is never an accident. It is the deliberate move of an intentional action to achieve a specific outcome that result in a future that is important to you, a quality and purposeful life.