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My journey as a wildlife photographer started out as I chanced upon the uncharted wilderness of nature. I would often spend hours, days and weeks with my camera witnessing the wondrous cycle of nature unfold from the majestic masters of the skies to the smallest animals and insects mother nature intricately created.

The immense dedication to preserve wildlife has lead me to sign up as a volunteer wildlife rescuer as I deep dive into the area of conservation, understanding how the seamless interactions between humans, the unique species, the ecosystem and their natural habitat contributes to the continuity of earth's biodiversity - Mother Nature.

With more than a decade of experience working with children, there is an earnest desire within me to create a stimulating yet colorful learning experience for our younger generations which has led to the creation of Natural Instinct Outdoor Academy.

I believe that every teaching moment should be meaningful, and every interaction with nature and its wildlife should be engaging. It is important for children to develop a positive connection with nature as well as enhancing their mental capacity and physical abilities through the holistic approach of Natural Instinct.

Our age-appropriate programmes are specifically designed to instill in them a broad array of skills that will improve their development, love and respect for nature. Studies have shown that active children who spent more time outdoor have been associated with higher scores in their exams due to improved behavior and better focus in the classroom and beyond.


Natural Instinct comprises of a team of dedicated professionals devoted and committed to developing the fullest potential of your child(ren). I encourage you to explore our website and connect with us. Let us bring your child(ren) on a fulfilling journey and be rewarded with endless possibilities when they take the first step out of their comfort zone and immense themselves in the wonders of nature.

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