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our assurance

We are all about getting the right results for all your fitness related requirements. Your fitness goal is our top priority and we ensure that every session with us is fun, educational, safe and rewarding. With our personalized workout programmes and lifestyle recommendations, you are definitely moving towards the right direction in increasing the quality of your life. You will be able to witness amazing transformations as we base our approach towards scientific research and up-to-date practices.

our approach

A systematic framework which sets as the foundation of our “do it right” approach to ensure success.

Right Strategy
Personalized programmes based on individual requirements and not a template that applies to everyone.

Right Method
Ensure that every exercise is executed at the highest level of professionalism with safety in mind.


Right Advice
Based on scientific findings and up-to-date practices.

Right Mindset
Cultivate a positive mindset to achieve and maintain a high level of performance.


Right Motivation
Inspire, encourage and boast your morale throughout your entire fitness journey with us.

our commitment

To revolutionize your fitness journey with us through our "do it right" approach and unwavering commitment so that you can achieve your goals, stay fit naturally and live a fulfilling life.


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Specialized Weight Loss Programme

"Fat Hopes" is a specialized tracking and monitoring programme which incorporates special workouts designed to maximise fat oxidation led by Jonathan, who himself has successfully gone through a transformation from 125kg to 60kg (at his peak). There is no shortcut and full commitment to this programme is expected in order to see results.

Gym Equipments


Witness amazing transformations with our personalized programmes, customised workouts and lifestyle recommendations specially designed for you as we base our approaches on scientific research and up-to-date practices.


We specialize in conducting HIIT, circuit training, fitness bootcamp, spartan workout, senior functional exercise, resistance/strength training for children and team cohesion. Programmes are also customizable to ensure the right fit for every participant.


Feel free to enquire with us for special corporate rates, if you are looking to organise something for your co-workers or beneficiaries.

Running Group
Woman Boxing

FIGHTER'S fitness

Pick one, FIGHT or FLIGHT? No matter what you choose, both options require a certain level of fitness to execute. While running away from a dangerous situation seems to be the easiest decision to make, there are bound to be instances whereby you are required to stand your ground. This is the reality.

Regardless of age, skill level or physical ability, be it training for leisure or competitive, we do not just train you physically but also unreservedly impart to you the skills and knowledge you need to defend yourself.

On a Run

running enhancement training 

Looking to improve your cardiovascular health or maximize your running performance as a competitive runner? We are all geared up to get you moving with our customized training programmes and periodization. We conduct individual sessions as well as group runs. Our main focus will be on running physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, as well as mobilization and injury prevention. Enquire with us now if you want to run faster, run further or a combination of both!


sport specific performance training

Hit a plateau? We are here to get you back on track by utilizing appropriate conditioning and relevant sport-specific training. Our periodization is also customized accordingly to individual abilities. Let us know your training objectives and we will be happy to guide you accordingly.

Yoga Stretches

fitness for seniors

Better with Age

Research has shown that seniors can reap various health and wellness benefits by engaging in physical fitness training and it is important to ensure that our seniors do it the right way.

"Better with Age" training program for seniors has been designed through carefully curated activities supported by sport science to ensure the safety of our seniors while delivering high quality workouts that target their functional and mobility abilities thus improving their quality of life and be more independent in carrying out their day-to day-tasks. As they progress, they can even engage in their favorite activities and games.

Heavy Weightlifter

fitness for JUNIORS

It is recommended ( by HBP, WHO, ACSM & NSCA) for children to have at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities daily, and training to strengthen the muscles and bones should be incorporated at least 3 times a week.


Our programmes are well-structured and carefully planned where we will not place excessive stress on their developing growth plates. Instead, we focus on inculcating good habits and values through the process of weight training and neuromuscular adaptations.

Fat Hopes
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